Frenchic Furniture Paint

What Can You Expect From Using Frenchic Furniture Paint?

Are you someone who's interested in the idea of customised furniture? All you need is a bit of creativity and imagination, as well as a lick of paint. Combined with your DIY skills, you need a paint product that can help you personalise those furniture items of yours. Among the best options available in the market today is the Frenchic furniture paint.

This paint product is perfect not only for skilled painters or artists but also for beginners. The Frenchic furniture paint is environmentally-friendly chalk and mineral paint typically used for painting items indoors. If you are wondering why using one is worth it, here are some other benefits you can expect from this paint product.

Forget the prep

Put away the sandpaper and primer. One of the biggest benefits of Frenchic furniture paint, and what's created a lot of the product buzz, is that you can skip the time-consuming, unglamorous part of painting—the prep work. Typically, all you need is a clean surface. You just have to wipe the surface clean without the need for stripping, sanding, and priming.

You can brush or spray it

Much like in traditional paints, a brush can be utilised to apply chalk paint. But because furniture often has detail work that can be difficult to reach with bristles, some furniture refinishers prefer spraying the paint. Spraying is a good choice for wicker, for example. The drawback is the time-consuming task of cleaning the sprayer at the end of the project.

The paint forgives mistakes

Part of Frenchic furniture paint's appeal is that any imperfections add to the finished effect or help create the aged or worn look. So even if you unintentionally did some brush strokes, it will still appear natural. If you do decide to sand away the brush marks, that's fine too.

Custom finishes are a snap

The paint allows you, even if you have no experience working with paint, to customise your finish. For a vintage or distressed look, you can make use of a sanding sponge, steel wool, or sandpaper. You can also achieve interesting looks by applying different colours for the base and top coats, or using a nearly dry brush to paint a second colour over the first colour for a layered look.

Easy to use

Frenchic furniture paint is extremely easy to work with. It requires virtually no preparation and fewer coats than many other types of paint. This saves you from the hassle of prepping it and using hard to find brushes. Plus, it is easy to clean up since it is also said to be water-based.

Environmentally friendly

If you want a paint that contains no harsh chemicals and environmentally friendly, Frenchic paint is the right choice. It is also non-toxic and virtually odour free due to its low VOC content (volatile organic compounds), which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers and families with young children.

Paint indoors

In case you are planning to do the painting job indoors, Frenchic furniture paint is the ideal non-toxic product to use. This makes it perfect for keeping bugs, dust, leaves, and pollen off of your wet paint and getting the job done in any type of weather.

Create a number of paint techniques

Frenchic paint is also a great choice for those who are interested in achieving a distressed look. This furniture paint has been specifically designed to be used on bare or painted wood or any suitably primed rigid surface such as plaster, bricks, metal, glass and plastic. Simply apply two coats, using a brush or roller, in contrasting colours and allow to dry. Then lightly abrade with moistened sandpaper or a stainless-steel scouring pad – make sure you go with the grain of the wood. For best results, ensure the surface is clean and free from wax or oil. If wax has been used, clean the surface thoroughly with white spirit.

Indeed, Frenchic furniture paint is a brand that can offer a lot of perks to anyone. From those versatile and custom styles to the ease of you, you will not have any major problem when using this brand of furniture paint. So whether you can painting your old kitchen cabinets or any decorative piece inside your home, expect an impressive outcome from an outstanding such product. Make sure you purchase from a reliable stockist so you can guarantee the authenticity and quality of the paint product.

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